5 Ways Membership System Benefits Associations in Malaysia

5 ways EpicDewan benefits associations in Malaysia

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Associations in Malaysia serve as vital hubs for networking, knowledge exchange, and community building. However, managing these associations effectively comes with a unique set of challenges, especially when it comes to membership management.

In this article, we will explore the 5 Ways Membership System Benefits Associations in Malaysia through the EpicDewan Association Membership System.

1. Automating Renewal Follow-Ups: A Game-Changer

Every membership renewal cycle presents a daunting task for association administrators. One of the most significant challenges is following up on renewal payments. Admins often find themselves individually reminding members to renew, which can be an insurmountable task for larger associations. Consider Joan, the admin of Association A, who needs to remind members like Marcus repeatedly. Marcus promises to pay but forgets, leading to a seemingly endless cycle of reminders. Now, imagine this process for thousands of members—it’s a serious challenge faced by associations today.

The EpicDewan Association Membership Management System streamlines this process by automating follow-ups. It sends reminders via email and system notifications, making sure members are aware of their renewal deadlines.

Admins can even share payment links via popular communication apps like WhatsApp and Telegram, encouraging immediate payments. This automation allows administrators like Joan to focus on more critical aspects of association operations, such as planning activities that provide value to members while raising funds for future endeavors.

2. Automating the Renewal Process: Say Goodbye to Manual Hassles

Members don’t always remember to renew their memberships without reminders. Many associations still send invoices manually, a time-consuming process, especially for admins managing hundreds of members. This manual approach can lead to lost records and delays in member payments, affecting an association’s ability to organize events efficiently.

EpicDewan solves this by enabling associations to send bulk invoices within a significantly shorter time frame. This automated system eliminates the need to save invoices as PDFs and manually distribute them to members. The time saved can be redirected towards activities that add value to the association.

3. Efficient Payment Collection: From Manual to Digital

Most associations in Malaysia still collect payments manually, primarily through bank transfers or checks. However, with the internet connecting a vast number of people, associations often have thousands of members, making manual management impractical. Manual transfers also result in a lack of proper payment records, as members send proof of payments individually. Additionally, requesting proof of payment one member at a time is time-consuming and costly.

EpicDewan equips associations with the ability to collect payments securely online through the 2C2P Payment Gateway Malaysia. It provides a complete payment trail that both associations and members can access at any time. This eliminates disputes and misunderstandings, as all documentation is stored in the system.

The best part is that associations don’t need to invest in building and maintaining their own system. There are only small transaction fees associated with each payment made through the EpicDewan system (read our FAQs to learn more).

4. E-commerce Capabilities: Streamlining Event Management

Many associations organize value-added activities like networking events, training sessions, forums, and corporate visits for their members. However, they often rely on traditional methods to sell event tickets or allocate seats, typically using bank transfers. Sharing event information occurs through social media, WhatsApp, or emails, leading to informal communication and manual invoice creation, which is both time-consuming and prone to document misplacement.

EpicDewan introduces an e-commerce engine that allows associations to sell event tickets as products directly through the platform. Associations can easily share ticket links via email, social media, or messaging apps, simplifying the payment process for interested members. This system captures all transactions, allowing associations to download order lists and manage events with reduced risk of overbooking or underbooking. It also helps associations in Malaysia to raise funds to organize more activities to connect its member.

5. More Effective Capital Allocation: Leave Tech to the Experts

Developing and maintaining a membership management system can be costly for associations. It requires a dedicated team of developers, which can incur expenses of RM100,000 or more annually, excluding operational costs. This investment is often challenging for non-profit associations. Outsourcing development is an option but still requires significant capital.

EpicDewan offers a solution by handling system development and maintenance, enabling associations to focus on their core activities. The EpicDewan team is backed by Tech Strongbox, a tech-first company with a track record of training and building top-class full-stack web developers. By partnering with EpicDewan, associations benefit from a young, energetic team of developers and entrepreneurs who understand the challenges faced by Malaysian associations.

In conclusion, The EpicDewan Association Membership System is a transformative tool for associations in Malaysia, addressing the unique challenges they face. By automating renewals, simplifying the payment process, and offering e-commerce capabilities, EpicDewan empowers associations to streamline their operations and better serve their members. Moreover, EpicDewan eliminates the need for associations to invest in costly system development, allowing them to focus on their primary mission. It’s time for associations in Malaysia to embrace this innovative solution and take their membership management to the next level.

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