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The EpicDewan association membership management system is ideal

In a world where many associations operate with limited funds, EpicDewan shines as a way to simplify work. As a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, EpicDewan offers an automatic membership management solution. It’s made for associations, NGOs, societies, clubs, and big communities, effectively managing large memberships. This saves time and resources for important work. Notably, our basic membership function is free to use – no need for subscription fees. We only charge a small convenience fees per transactions, ensuring a helpful solution for groups to thrive, no matter their budget.

We understand your challenges

Managing substantial numbers of members in your association or society manually, coupled with extensive follow-ups, presents formidable challenges. This process drains significant valuable administrative hours and escalates operational costs for associations & societies alike.
Explore the 6 Key Serious Problems Faced by Associations in Malaysia related to the management of member renewals, records, and follow-ups. These challenges not only impact the effectiveness of associations but also have cost and time implications. 

operation processes

Lack of documentation
and missing records

Unable to afford
digital tools

Our solutions for you

EpicDewan free association membership management system automates operations, redirecting resources towards impactful initiatives. It efficiently records essential association data, ensuring secure storage. Furthermore, it offers a safe payment channel, meticulously tracing each transaction for added security. Explore the features or read the frequently asked questions (FAQs) to learn what are the required information to set up your association. Learn the 5 Ways Membership System Benefits Associations in Malaysia.

Auto send membership renewal reminders

Proper trail & documentation on cloud

Enable commerce

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We digitalize associations and societies in Malaysia so that they can provide more value and serve their members better.

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